C’est La Vie

Evening loves! This week has been pretty hectic like I thought it would be. I’ve barely been home and I’ve gotten minimal of sleep these day so I honestly haven’t found the time or energy to update my blog. Last night I drove for 14 hours and when I finally got home I had like 30 minutes to pack for France – then I headed straight to the airport.

When I finally got to the apartment I was totally drained and fell asleep right away. So I kind of just woke up – which sucks – since I’m not going to be able to sleep like the rest of the world when the clock hits midnight, but I’ll guess it’s worth a try. Anyway – I’m safe and sound in Nice and we got a lot of plans, so I’ll be sure to take loads of pictures. I’m so excited and I know this week will be a blast. Wish you all an amazing evening <3

Photo on 2011-07-06 at 16.37