Happy holidays ♥ So this year I’ve decided to join everyone else and filmed two vlogmas videos where you can follow me around for a whole week until christmas morning. It has been some pretty hectic weeks lately and I’m therefore very thankful for this holiday. I finally have countless hours […]

VLOGMAS – My Week Before Christmas

Morning loves ♥ As the planner addict I am, I thought it was about time for me to do another “plan with me” video. I love to watch videos like these myself and hopefully you’ll find it inspirational and creative. I find decorating so much fun and it’s kind of addictive, […]

Inside My Planner | Decorate With Me

Evening loves! I’m finally in bed after the spending the whole sunny day in Monaco – what I consider the most amazing place on earth. Even if my feet hurts and got blisters both over and under themselves I’ve got nothing to complain about. Stupid as I am I didn’t […]

Principauté de Monaco