Hello World ♥ I’m now safe and sound back in Norway – or more jet-legged with a messed up sleep routine. I can wake up at 5am or 6 pm – it’s all just a huge chaos. The weirdest part is that when I was in New York I was able to […]

Empire State Of Mind

Hi sweeties! ♥ I’m finally starting to feel a little better. The fever’s gone – so I’m only left with a runny nose and constant sneezing.  How are you all feeling? I’ve decided to give my core workout a try today – since the cold left me feeling incredible tired I didn’t […]


As many of you may know – I lived in the US 2010/2011 – New York to be more precise. When everyone else was going on spring break in Miami, I went one week celebrating my birthday in Los Angeles, California. I had the most amazing time and I’m so […]