Happy Saturday ♥  How are you all doing? Hope you’re all doing amazing! The sun is shining today – so to be inside with my dearest history books isn’t exactly how I want to spend my saturday, but the exams is right around the corner. I’ve been studying all week – […]

The Perfect Summer Dress

Hi loves ♥  This week has been crazy hectic, and I’ve still got tons of work to do. Luckily the easter vacation starts on friday – so I’ll be able to get a lot done before school starts again! Puh! I can’t believe it’s only one month left before I’ll have […]

Mid Season Sale

So you’ve probably already guessed which city this week’s all about – New York. I’ll never regret quitting regular boring high school for the world’s most amazing city. I learned so much about myself and who I want to be. The time spent apart from my family and friends made […]


Hi loves ♥ I’m feeling a little under the weather. Guess I’ve caught a bad cold or something. The sneezing and sniffling started out yesterday – and I woke up today with a little fever. I have only 1 week til my exams start so the timing couldn’t have been worse. I feel like my head is going […]

Bad ColdBad Cold

Morning loves! These two last weeks has been hectic. The flies by way too fast and I can’t believe my exams are almost around the corner. I don’t feel prepared at all – but I guess I will after two weeks of intensive studying – starting now! I must say after […]

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