Long time, no see! I’m totally aware of me being completely MIA when it comes to my blogging these last few weeks –  and I’m really sorry about that, but I’ve been having some pretty hectic weeks where I lost any and all motivation to blog. School has started again, which for […]

August Wanties

Since vacation’s coming to an end and it’s time to go back to school I spent yesterday scrolling through Nelly’s online store, and I found some wanties that I thought would be perfect for everyones back to school wardrobe. I’m obsessing over the quilted back-pack, which is totally perfect for […]

¿Puedes hablar un poco sobre … ?

¡Hola! I guess you can figure out just by reading the headline above that I’ve been spending all day reading and writing spanish, except for a little run-away to Starbucks for my very needed non-fat frappechino with my sis. My oral exam is tomorrow already – which means practice, practice and more […]

Le Weekend

Happy weekend guys ♥ I was supposed to post this much much earlier, but I’ve been running errands until now. Yesterday, I literarily spent the whole day at school. Of course I was the last one on the list and had to wait for hours before I finally got to have my […]

Crazy Weeks

Hi sweeties ♥  I’m so sorry for my absent on my blog lately, but it has been pretty hectic. Life’s just really chaotic at this moment. My first of seven exams starts in 10 days which means that I’ll be putting on a beast-mode and literally hide from the world these […]

New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s monday – and I guess all of you’re already back on your daily schedule after the holidays. Well, I’m not quite there yet! Instead of making new year’s resolutions (since I’m one of those who only sticks to it for certain period of time, before it gets boring)  I’ve […]

A Whole Library Et Helt Biblotek

So this is how my life looks like at the moment. Books, pens, books, computer, more books. Yeah – I guess you get it! So this is why I don’t have that much time to do anything else other than studying, working out and eat – priorities you know! Right […]