French RivieraFrench Riviera

Happy saturday loves ♥  I’ve just finished todays studies (finally) and now I’m about to get ready for my cousins birthday party. I’m wearing a white gorgeous lace dress I made a couple of weeks ago, so I’ll just have to finish the last  details on it, then I’m off to […]

#TravelThursday 1

This thursday I’ve decided to show you pictures from my trip to the French Riviera. I feel unbelievable blessed that I’ve got the chance to travel and experience so many places in the world. This time, I went with my family to our flat in gorgeous south of France. Every […]

Rise And Shine

Morning sweeties! It’s a new day and the weather outside is amazing. Since I live in the city of rain I’ve totally forgotten how summer feels like – and to be honest – I don’t want to leave this place and go back home to Norway in a week. What’s ironic […]

To New Beginnings

Happy Monday Loves! To me – monday is a perfect opportunity to start over – like a fresh start which I really need right now. The last week was filled with loads of pasta, alcohol and lack of sleep, which has made me feel super bloated and drained. My energy is really […]

Up & Above

(This was supposed to be published a few hours ago, but you can never trust the powerful wifi on-board a plane these days – so here you go;) Morning sweeties! Right now I’m actually enjoying the sky view, and it got me thinking back on those days when I was little […]