Find Your Fall Jacket

Finding the right jacket for fall can for some be as simple as finding a basic t-shirt, but for others, it takes hours of searching to find the exact jackets to meet their needs and style. Buying the right jacket is about matching style to size, form, and function to give […]

Fanny Lyckman For Estradeur

The swedish blogger, Fanny Lyckman, launched her second collection for Estradur on Nelly’s online store a couple of days ago. I honestly think AW/XIII is way better than her SS/XIII. This one is filled with attitude and of course I found a lot of goodies – as usual.. 1. Sport […]

A New DayEn Ny Dag

Rise and Shine! How is everyone doing this morning? I’m feeling great! It’s a new day, which means a new opportunity. “Do your best and forget the rest” – a quote I really love to live by. Do all the best you can do. Be the best person you can be – […]


Happy monday loves! Hope you’re all doing great! Since I’m always so incredible lucky I’ve managed to get the flu – which sucks – I’ve been laying in bed for 2 days doing nothing. Yesterday I spent hours looking at online stores and that’s where I found this super cool leather jacket from […]


Hi sweeties! I’m actually on my way out, but I just wanted to pop by to wish you all a wonderful evening! I’m going to a friend’s place for some dinner and a movie – which I’m really looking forward to! I also wanted to show you guys my new incredible […]