Hi loves. Hope all of you are enjoying your week so far. I’ve been cuddlin’ up in my sweet lexington robe with cups of coffee and this book I’m reading called “Evig Søndag” (Forever Sunday). I’ll have to finish it today, since my dissertation has to be handed in by next week. So […]

The Book

If heavy shoe obsession could have a name it should definitely be SOD – shoe obsession disorder, and I would probably be one of the many people suffering from that decease. Yesterday I got a total of 8 new pair in my fantastic collection. Yeah, I’m insane, and yes, I […]

Shoe Obsession Disorder

Happy Monday! Sorry for the late update, but I’ve been quite busy doing everything and nothing. I love Mondays because every seven days we get to start over. We get a fresh start. A weekly do-over – which I really needed after a weekend filled with cake, chips and way too many […]

A Weekly Do-OverA Weekly Do-Over

Hi loves! It’s finally friday, a day when most people are cheerful. To me, it’s just another day like any other day of the week. I woke up thinking that today would be a day full of fun and adventure. Well, maybe not adventure! I’ve already been up 6 hours, I’ve cleaned […]

Music Always Sounds Better On FridayMusic Always Sounds Better On ...

So the meeting went quite well – and I’m having another one tomorrow already. Yey! Now the weather only needs to get better! At this moment I’m having a cosy girls night in with my bestie. The candles are lit and we’re cuddling up with a blanket ready to watch a […]

Rainy Days & Stormy NightsRegnfulle Dager Stormfulle Netter

Hi cuties! What has everyone been up to? I’ve been busy with my studies for hours now – but it has actually been nice sitting here since it’s pouring rain outside! The weather has been like this non stop since I got up, but now I’ll have to face it! Can’t […]

Panthera PardusPanthera Pardus