Happy fun(sun)day folks ♥  I’m about to pack my bags for this years summer vacation and since I’m a paranoid freak about packing (always thinking I’m going to forget something) I made a list to make it all a little easier. Packing naturally is a complete dilemma for me. I […]

Bon Voyage

Morning cuties! I’m on my way out to do my weekly grocery shopping. I always plan my whole week on sundays – so I don’t buy a lot of crap I don’t need and body doesn’t like! I’ve now been working out everyday for over 3 weeks now – and […]

High Protein FoodSunn Mat Glede

Morning loves! As I told you yesterday I finally got my package from Gymgrossisten – with a lot of good and jummy stuff. I also ordered three products from Walden Farms – ketchup, chocolate sauce and their blueberry jam – no calories, carbs, fat, gluten or sugars of any kind […]


Morning loves! These two last weeks has been hectic. The flies by way too fast and I can’t believe my exams are almost around the corner. I don’t feel prepared at all – but I guess I will after two weeks of intensive studying – starting now! I must say after […]

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