Real Talks

So if you’re new to my blog or haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel – there’s probably a few thing you don’t know about me. I’ve been dealing with a lot of mental illness for the last 8 years – but it hasn’t been all bad. I’ve had some ups and downs and some years have been better than others. For me – mental disorders are so important to speak up about – especially since it is a little “tabu” to talk about illnesses like depression, anxiety or any other kind of mental disorder. On this page I will post all my videos regarding my illness – my road to get better + tips & tricks that helped me out of some dark and stormy days.

One thing that has helped me a lot is to be open about my struggle and what I intend to get out of this is to help others who are struggling to get through their days. Mental illness can really break a person down and make them afraid of both themselves or of the future. I have both gotten out of depression, eating disorders and anxiety, but have recently gotten diagnosed again. It is back – and it has taken over my life. I’m now working on a way to get out of it – and I therefore want to share my story and my work in progress with you in case you’re dealing with something similar yourself – or if you know someone who are suffering!

I will also share and talk about other stuff like break-ups, relationships and whatever comes to mind! I now have two videos up – and I’m working on two new ones – so stay tuned for more real talks!