This Seasons

wantiesThere’s so many amazing designs going around this season, and these beauties above are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s on my hot list this spring/summer. I want it all (if only my wallet could say the same).

You can find item 1. here  /  2. The tote bag here  /  3. Michael Kors Hamilton here  /  4. Pumps here  /
 5. Fendi leather jacket here  /  6. Dress here  /  7. Sunglasses here  /  8. The fedora here

I feel so inspired to make clothes and I’ve come up with tons of different ideas for what I want to create before going on vacation. Can’t wait until next week – when it’s time to pack away all my books for this semester and finally go back to creating something fab! Have a good one cuties ♥

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