From Burberry With Love

The Burberry With Love campaign has finally been released. 2013 has been a romantic year for Burberry – and the theme continues in their new campaign as well. For me, it reminds my of the “hectic” last minute christmas shopping that always seems to get to me every year. I have to say that I love, love, love the pictures – they make me long for the holiday season, which I usually never do. Take a look yourself – and you’ll see that you just want christmas to come early.. 

Burberry-With-Love-Campaign-Imag_002 Burberry-With-Love-Campaign-Imag_005 Burberry-With-Love-Creative-Still-Lif_013 Burberry-With-Love-Creative-Still-Lif_022 Burberry-With-Love-Creative-Still-Lif_023Pictures //