Everything But..

Morning loves ♥ How are you guys doing? This is the second night where I’m having nightmares, and when I woke up I realized that I had in fact been crying. “Haha.. I’m such a phony, I know!” But two days in a row? Come on..

Anyway, now that I’m awake I feel great, the sun is shining and life’s good – until that moment I’ll have to open my chemistry books and start studying for my exam. Isn’t it weird that no matter what you have to do, you always want to go do something different? Or is it just me? Right now, there’s so much stuff I want to do like going to the fabric store, start working on some dresses, go out and enjoy the weather ect. – more like – everything but studying.

So I guess I’ll have to start somewhere – have an amazing wednesday ♥