Chanel Pillow

Happy Saturday ♥  I’m so sorry for my absence, but I haven’t forgotten you! I’ve just been really busy with my studies and everyday life. Now that the storm has finally calmed down – I’m back! Lately I’ve been re-decortating my room and I made these cute Chanel pillows and I even painted some pictures – which I love! If you want a DIY on how to make them – let me know and I’ll post a step by step guide. I really like the looks of these pillows in my bed and couch. They really make a statement – and since Chanel is my favorite brand – why not?

Today I’m going to start working on my christmas dress and one for New Years Eve. I can’t believe it’s almost December. November just flew by like that. I feel like I barely blinked! Anyways, have an amazing weekend. I really love you all and again, I am sorry for being absent.