By Høvik

Happy Saturday ♥  How are you all doing? Hope you’re all doing amazing! The sun is shining today – so to be inside with my dearest history books isn’t exactly how I want to spend my saturday, but the exams is right around the corner. I’ve been studying all week – […]

The Perfect Summer Dress

So here’s some of my latest sketches I did last week working on my dresses for Christmas and New Years Eve. I’ve almost finished the two dresses and I can’t wait to show you the results. I love it when the ideas just pops into my head while I’m working […]

Ready, Set, Sketch

So here’s the newest clutch from my “Bliss Collection“. It’s a big bigger than the other one which I find very useful – because this clutch can hold all my “must-haves” that I always carry with me. Since the collection is very black and whitish with the use of patterns […]

Leather Clutch

Here’s a little sneak peak of my RTW fall/winter collection. I’m very pleased with the choices of both color and fabrics – so I can’t wait to get started! It describes exactly what I would love to wear in this cold season. The Bliss collection has a lot of classic […]

By Høvik

So here it is – my newest design – Romantic Lace By Høvik. I love the details, the fabric and I’m actually very proud that I managed to pull it of in just a couple of hours! Guess someone hasn’t forgot their sewing skills?! It’s perfect for dinner parties, a […]

Lace By HøvikLace By Høvik

So here’s some details pictures of my newest design – the see through lace dress. I’m actually quite happy with the outcome – it has the cute and romantic yet a bit rockish look with the use of leather. This dress has definitely become one of my favorites in my […]

Lace Dress By HøvikLace Dress By Høvik

Since I´ve been away for a while now I haven´t had time to design some new clothes – but I just wanted to show you guys my latest project I finished before I went away in June. I´ve also made one in black which I love and wear a lot. […]

Design By Høvik