These Flats Are Made For Walking

balleThese flats by Michael Kors are just amazing to walk in. I already have one pair in black which has to be my favorite flats of all time. The sole used in these ones doesn’t make your feet hurt after a little walking around in comparison to a lot of others flats I own. I’m now craving a pair in white! So if you’re going on vacation to a city where you’re going to do a lot of walking – I definitely recommend looking up a pair of these beauties

(can be found on their website here (adlink)

Hola Bonitas ♥

Hope you’re all doing wonderful! My bf and I are having a blast here in amazing Spain. The weather couldn’t be any better, the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in sight!! This was absolute the perfect time to get away and have some time to ourselves after the last busy few months. I just love the feeling I get when I’m traveling. Especially when I’m walking around in a city without a care in the world. I could have stayed here forever!

We’ve been busy all week, visiting different cities and of course we did a day-trip to Alicante so I could go shopping at Sephora (a must). Lastly, I’m so sorry about not updating you guys on a daily basis, but the internet connection is so badly poor in this brick apartment. At the moment I’ve been trying to upload some photos for almost two hours now – which ended in me being so frustrated that I used my phone’s internet instead. Haha.. Anyway, we’re now on our way out to enjoy the rest of the fab saturday! Have an amazing weekend you guys! ♥


Something New


Hi guys ♥! So I’ve been doing a little shopping lately, and some of you’ll probably think I’m crazy or that I have some kind of decease, but the truth is that I’ve just been trading my obsession with shoes for a make-up obsession instead. I love to try out new products, see what works best for my skin and just experiment with new make-up looks and stuff. I’ve been kind of treasure hunting with my friends lately and I actually got great deals on all of the products down below. Yey!


I’m so excited to try out these eyeshadows by Loreal. A lot of beauty bloggers has been talking about how great these are and how good the quality is for being a drugstore product – which made me buy four of them. Like usual I couldn’t decide on what colors to get, but I went for the purple obsession, coconut shake, eternal black and forever pink.


Lately I’ve been loving the wonder nail polish by Isadora which made me buy two more in the colors: bird of paradise and power pink. I instantly fell for these two colors, so adorable cute for summer. It has great quality and dries very quickly.

I also picked up products from Makeup Mekka. A lipstick in the color Beach Girl, a transparent brow gel, a luminous cream highlighter in the color pink champagne and last by not least the bright luminizing highlighter in medium.IMG_5537

The next product I got is the natural finish loose powder from Chanel in the color 47 – féérie. I’ve never tried any loose powders from a high-end brand before, so I’m pretty excited about this product as well. The box looks so cute!!!

Another face product I got was the stay matte long lasting pressed powder by Rimmel. I’ve been using this powder for three days now to set my make-up and I really love it! The price here in Norway is only 69 NOK which makes it affordable to us all and it’s great setting powder for people on a budget.

I aslo picked up two products from Maybelline’s FIT ME collection. A store here in Norway called Vita has this great deal that when you buy four products from Maybelline, you can choose whatever product you want for free. Since the concealer (in the color 25) was my fourth product, I decided to get the foundation (in the color 120) as my free product.

The last face product I bought is the Loreal True Match foundation. I already has one in a lighter color that I use for conturing and as a highlighter under my eyes, and I really love this product! So that’s why I decided to get a new one in a darker color that I can use all over my face on a daily basis.


Last but not least I bought some more lipsticks by Rimmel. These were actually 70 % off – what an amazing bargain. I went home happy with six more lipsticks in my bag. What I love about these (especially the Kate Moss edition ones) is that they are so pigmented, long lasting and smells great. Can’t wait to wear them all!


‪What’s In My Bags ✈ Airplane Edition‬

Today I thought I’d do a what’s inside my carry-on bags – airplane edition. I always bring one handbag and a small carry-on suitcase when traveling. I like to know that I’ve got the most important things with me at all times.

travlessThe purse that I’m bringing all my most important travel essentials in is the Marc by Marc Jacobs madame hilli tote in black. This is my favorite bag at the moment and I just love the way it looks. I got it a couple of months ago and I couldn’t be more satisfied. It has three huge compartments and you can really fit a lot of stuff in it.

So the first thing I’m having in my bag is of course my Canon 600D and an extra lens. It’s a must-have that I bring with me at all times. A blogger could never forget her camera, right?

The next thing I have are sunglasses. While traveling I have to bring at least four pairs with me. I’m kind of obsessed and every time I see a pair I like, I just have to add them to my collection.

The third item I bring with me at all times is kind of obvious – my iPhone. I can’t go a day without posting pics on my instagram account or scrolling through the What I Wear app for inspo. If you’re not following me yet, you can find my instagram here. I’ll be updating daily from my trip!

Another important item is my passport. I keep it in this super cute passport holder that I got at Harrods in London a couple of years ago. I think every girl should have a passport holder to match your personal belongings – looks amazing!

The next thing I have is of course my wallet. The one I use now is by Michael Kors and I absolutely love it. It’s so convenient and big enough for everything that I usually have in my wallet. There’s even a little room where I can put my phone, so it’s great to grab and go if I’m running an errand or something like that.

Something that I like to have in my carry-on suitcase is a smaller purse for everyday use, so I don’t have to carry the big one with me at all times. The purse I’m bringing with me to Spain I got a couple of weeks ago and have been saving it for this trip – so I can’t wait to use it. It’s by Marc by Marc Jacobs as well (suddenly realized that I have a lot of this brand). I always have all my bags in their dust-bags so I won’t get any marks or chratches on it – a great tips to everyone!

I also have a little pouch with all my electrical stuff like chargers and earphones. I like to have these items in a separate bag because I don’t want them to get all tangled and stuff which always turns out like a total caos.

The biggest thing I’ll bring with me on the plane is my macbook pro. I just like to have it with me at all times and I don’t ever want to check this in – for me it would just be a bad, bad idea. I always put my laptop in a computer bag that I got a couple of years ago (Marc By Marc Jacobs of course) and it’s in this beautiful coral redish color. Love!

Everything else that is left I put in my handbag’s little zipper pocket. Of course I have my essentials like another memory card, senitazier and lipsticks and all kind of random stuff I would like to have on the plane. I also buys magazines on the airport to catch up on the latest fashion, and that’s pretty much everything I have in my carry-ons while traveling.

So what are your must have travel essentials? I would love to get some tips and ideas!  

Be Creative

Hey there sweeties ♥  While you guys are reading this post I’ll actually be on my way to Spain. Yey! I’ve decided to schedule a few post, because I’m not sure when or how often I’ll be able to blog while I’m there, and also since it usually tends to take hours uploading photos in foreign countries – but maybe I’m in luck this time? I will of course update my instagram everyday (it’s a must!) So if you’re not following me already – you can find my account here.

Here’s this weeks inspiring pictures for you to enjoy – have a fab day ♥

inspo0704Photos // google

Bon Voyage

Happy fun(sun)day folks ♥  I’m about to pack my bags for this years summer vacation and since I’m a paranoid freak about packing (always thinking I’m going to forget something) I made a list to make it all a little easier. Packing naturally is a complete dilemma for me. I already know that I’ll end up having things I don’t wear or that I do not necessarily need – but I can never decide an outfit pre-planned since I’m always changing my mind – so I better get to it!

I can’t believe that I’m leaving in only a couple of hours (or more like in the middle of the night). Looking forward to be back in Spain and discover more of it’s treasures and not to mention – the good food. Of course, you’ll be able to follow my adventure on instagram (@linnhovik) and here on my blog as well – so don’t forget to tune in!

Have a fab day and I’ll “see” you in Spain ♥