Find Your Fall Jacket


Finding the right jacket for fall can for some be as simple as finding a basic t-shirt, but for others, it takes hours of searching to find the exact jackets to meet their needs and style. Buying the right jacket is about matching style to size, form, and function to give the intended wearer exactly what she/he wants and needs. Here’s a little guide to help you and some inspiration;



Leather jackets are more than just outerwear – it create a sense of style that cannot be found in other garments. They make a fashion statement. Black leather jackets has become the symbol of youth and rebellion after years in fashion. This is absolutely a must-have in your fall wardrobe! Since leather jackets can be expensive - set a budget. This makes it easier to focus on just those jackets that you can afford and ignore all those high-end designer jackets. You can find them in all kinds of colors and shape – and some has some amazing details. Here’s my favorites; 1. here , 2. here , 3. here and 4. here (links)



There is not much in women’s fashion that is as practical as the trench coat. First designed by Thomas Burberry for military use and has since then been designed in many shapes and styles. This is my absolutely favorite type of jackets – no matter what! I’ve got 5 of these beauties in different colors and shapes. A trench coat can be in your wardrobe for years and will never go out of style – there are so many different options out there, so find the one that fits you the best. You can find some amazing one’s in vintage stores all over the world – or you can go for a brand new – the selection is endless..
You can find the one’s I’ve picked here;  1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  // (links)


Shearling has become very popular over the past few years – and for good reason. Shearling is not only suited for cold weather, it also work well in warm weather too. Which makes it a perfect choice for your fall wardrobe. Shearling jackets are so comfortable and feels incredibly soft – which gives you a feeling of luxury. It’s a huge variety to choose from – so you’ll definitely find one you’ll love! Here’s my faves;  1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  // (links)

Hair Care + Sale

Happy weekend! ♥ I’m happy to announce you guys about Blivakker’s great deal that will be going on today. They’re celebration the weekend with a buy 3 and get one of the products chosen for free on all kind of hair products. What better time a year to stack up on some wonderful products for fall/winter season. In summertime your hair gets exposed for sun damage and other summer related stuff that can make our hair dry out and maybe it is not as soft as it once was. The season has changed and as we enter the cold it’s very important to take care of and neutrish your hair  .

I’ve therefore picked out my favorite products that I’ve been using these last couple of years to build up and strengthen my hair;

haircareFOR BLEACHED AND DISTRESSED HAIR: Redken Extreme Strength Builder - a deep treatment mask for distressed and damaged hair. Builds up and strengthen the hair from within and leaves it soft and shiny. 

FOR DYED AND SENSITIVE HAIR: Kérastase Reflection Chroma Richecaring and protective conditioning treatment for very sensitive and colored hair. Your hair achieves the optimal moisture and shine.

FOR ALL KINDS OF HAIR TYPES: Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oléo-Complexea delicious oil treatment for all hair types. Gets your hair back to its natural strength and gives it the ultimate shine.



FOR DISTRESSED, FRIZZY AND BLEACHED HAIR: Redken Extreme Shampoothis shampoo washes and repairs dry, brittle and damaged hair and leaves it soft and light throughout the day.

FOR SENSITIVE, MATTE AND DRIED OUT HAIR: Kérastase Reflection Bain Chroma Richea shampoo for colored and bleached hair that requires extra care because it’s dry, dull and sensitive. Leaves the hair moisturised and shiny.

FOR BLONDE HAIR: L’oréal Professionnel Expert Shine Blondegives your blonde hair a brilliant shine and strength. It repairs and prevent new damage to natural blond or colored hair.

haircare2FOR ALL KINDS OF HAIR TYPES: Biosilk Silk Therapy Conditioner - adding nourishment to dry hair and leaves it soft, shiny and brilliant. Can be used by all hair types. 

FOR DYED HAIR: Redken Color Extend Magnetics Conditionerthis product locks the color into your hair and let you enjoy the feeling of newly colored hair much longer. The conditioner strengthens, nourishes and cleanses.

FOR VOLUME AND SHINE: Redken Body Full Light Conditionerget volume and shine while the hair is smooth and easy to style. This product contains proteins and carbohydrates so that your hair is applied strength and fullness.


A Pop Of Color

Blazer – Gina Tricot  //  Jumpsuit – Store in Spain  //  Shoes – Nelly Trend  //  Bag – Marc By Marc Jacobs



My Marc By Marc Jacobs bag can be found here (link)




Beauty Weekend – Evening Look


Happy Saturday Loves ♥ Since I’ve started a channel on youtube I thought I’d share my latest video with you guys. This is one of my favorite clubbing/event looks which is perfect now that fall’s sneaking up on us. It’s a sophisticated, full coverage and flawless look. What I love the most about this look has to be the lipstick that I’m wearing – amazing color, right?

I use this routine whenever I need to look my best or just like to have that extra flawless skin. Hope you’re all enjoying this video – and don’t forget to “thumbs” up for more videos and subscribe to my channel if you want the see more videos like this ♡


1. NYX STUDIO PERFECT Photo Loving Primer ( anti-redness )
2. CHANEL Perfection Lumieré Foundation ( 40 Sand )
3. RIMMEL Stay Matte Pressed Powder ( 005 Silky Beige )
4. NYX Concealer in a Jar ( Porcelain )
5. RIMMEL Match Perfection Loose Powder ( Translucent )
6. MAYBELLINE Fit Me Concealer ( 25 )


1. WET N WILD Mega Miz Bronzing Powder ( Sun Kissed )
2. NYX Blush ( Similar: Bittersweet )
3. GLO MINERALS Angled Blush Brush


1. ANASTASIA Brow Duo Brush
3. WET N WILD Ultimate Brow Kit ( Ash Brown )
4. NYX Eyeshadow Base
5. YSL Shocking Mascara ( Black )
6. NYX butt “naked” turn the other cheek palette
7. WET N WILD Mega Liner ( Similar to the one used in the video )


1. NIVEA Pearly Shine Lip balm
2. Viva La Diva Lipstick ( Super Nova )

Links //

My Fall Essentials

As the summer’s almost over (or at least here it is) it’s about time to pack away those cute summer dresses and change our wardrobe into fall “mode“. I’ve picked out some basics and must-have fall favorites that I found scrolling through Topshop’s online store. My style change as the season’s changing and I’m pretty excited for this fall! What about you?

topshopessentialsAll pieces can be found here: 1. Cardigan  //  2. Bag  //  3. Cap //  4. T-shirt  //  5. Jeans   //
//  6. Leather Pants  //  7. Oversized T-shirt  //  8. Biker Jacket  //  9. Boots  //  10. Jumper  //  
//  11. Beanie  //  12. Zip Skort  //  13. Hem Skirt  //  14. Backpack  //  15. Cut Out Boots